Novembre 2017

THE WINE ADVOCATE , COSTAL TUSCANY BY Monica Larner, 30th November 17 , 30 Novembre 2017

2015 Duemani • Syrah Suisassi , Rating 93

The 2015 Syrah Suisassi is a very ripe and opulent expression. If Syrah loves the summer heat, it has soaked it all up here. It is almost too much of a good thing, and the subtle nuances are buried deep within the considerable girth and width of the mouthfeel. Black fruit is followed by smoke, cured meat and spice. The wine's consistency is fleshy and thick. The oak also appears with unabashed and opulent intensity.

2015 Duemani • Cabernet Franc Duemani, Rating 95

The beautiful 2015 Cabernet Franc Duemani shows the heat of the summer growing season in a bold and upfront manner. The wine is impenetrable and inky dark in appearance. It is not jammy per se, but that brilliant Tuscan sunshine seems to bubble up from inside the dark fiber of this thickly extracted expression. The bouquet flows forth with generous blackberry, spice and cured tobacco. Overall the integration is seamless and impressively balanced.

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